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Vikuiti ARM200 15"" screen protector - pack of 1 9" X 12"

List Price: $65.00
Your Price: $27.80
You Save: 57 %
Item Number: 98-044-4261-6 15"
Manufacturer: 3M
Manufacturer Part No: 98-0440-4261-6
ARMR200 comes with five sheets per pack all with a 15" diagonal measurement. Actual sheet size is: 9" X 12". This ultra thin, optically clear film helps protect LCD displays from scratches and scuffs caused by daily use. Its matte surface makes stylus writing smoother. The anti-reflective coating improves clarity and readability plus minimizes glare making the screen easier to read in a variety of lighting conditions. ARMR's full surface adhesive, rather than perimeter only adhesive, allows no gaps or bunching and enables the film to be removed easily leaving no residue. ARMR200 is designed to last up to three months, depending on use, and then can be lifted off easily. Reapplication in the field is simple to help keep your handheld device screen in top condition.

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